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Training an operator or a shop foreman can be done in 1/2 day
and the results can produce dramatic changes. By optimizing your cutting operation - you are increasing your company's profits. Centricut's technical training staff visits many locations each year and they will schedule an on-site visit if you have multiple attendees. Please contact websales@centricut.com if you would like more information on this.

Training Video
Training Video & DVD

Nuts & Bolts Advice. Not a Lecture on Physics.
With over 18 years experience helping plasma operators achieve better cut quality, extend parts life, and reduce torch down time, Chuck Landry is recognized as one of the plasma industry's leading technical support engineers. Now he has taken those years of experience and put them into the plasma industry's first training package!

This training package focuses on the shop floor and the challenges a plasma operator faces everyday. Our video/DVD, manual, and laminated "shop-proof" tip sheets are filled with "hands-on" tips and techniques that will help your plasma operators get better cuts and be more productive.

Plasma Arc Cutting with Centricut You Will Learn:

  • How Plasma works.
  • A "No-Fail" 10 step process to get the best cut quality out of your
    plasma system.
  • How to select the best plasma gas for your cutting operation.
  • 15 ways to improve the life of your nozzles, electrodes, gas swirlers, and shields.
  • 10 methods for improving torch life.

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